English Sermons

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Title Scripture Speaker Date Series
The Mind of Christ Billy Sunday 2019-04-15 General Topics
Love Him More Luke 7:36-8:3 Rev. David Tang 唐大智牧師 2019-04-07 That You May Know
The Unusual Ways of Jesus Luke 7:18-35 Rev. David Tang 唐大智牧師 2019-03-31 That You May Know
Compassionate Authority Luke 7:1-17 Min. Clement Setiawan 周望毅傳道 2019-03-24 That You May Know
The Lord of a Greater Ministry  Luke 6:12-19 Rev. David Tang 唐大智牧師 2019-03-17 That You May Know
The Word of the Lord Remains Forever 1 Peter 1:24-25 Michael Chen 2019-03-10 General Topics
The Lord of a Better Righteousness Luke 5:33-39 Rev. David Tang 唐大智牧師 2019-03-03 General Topics
Two Calls Two Miracles Luke 5:1-32 Rev. Kelvin Shen 沈圻鋒牧師 2019-02-24 General Topics
The Ministry of Jesus Luke 4:14-22 Rev. David Tang 唐大智牧師 2019-02-17 That You May Know
The Implications of the Temptation of Jesus Luke 4:1-13 Rev. Samuel Ling 凌頌恩牧師 2019-02-10 That You May Know
Prepare the Way of the Lord Luke 3:1-14, 21-22 Rev. David Tang 唐大智牧師 2019-02-03 That You May Know
The Son of God at Twelve Luke 2:41-52 Min. Clement Setiawan 周望毅傳道 2019-01-27 That You May Know
Jesus The Savior Luke 1:57-66, 2:1-7 Rev. David Tang 唐大智牧師 2019-01-20 That You May Know
The Promise-Fulfilling God Luke 1:5-17, 26-33 Rev. David Tang 唐大智牧師 2019-01-13 That You May Know
That You May Know Luke 1:1-4 Rev. David Tang 唐大智牧師 2019-01-06 That You May Know
Fearless Faith Romans 8:28 Dr. Scott Barfoot 2018-12-30 General Topics
Jesus Came to Create a New People Romans 15:7-13 Min. Clement Setiawan 周望毅傳道 2018-12-23 Advent 2018: Why did Jesus Come
Jesus came to identify with humanity Hebrews 2:14-18 Rev. David Tang 唐大智牧師 2018-12-16 Advent 2018: Why did Jesus Come
Why did Jesus come? Hebrews 10:5-14 Rev. Samuel Ling 凌頌恩牧師 2018-12-09 Advent 2018: Why did Jesus Come
Jesus came to save Sinners 1 Timothy 1:15 Rev. David Tang 唐大智牧師 2018-12-02 Advent 2018: Why did Jesus Come