English Sermons

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Title Scripture Speaker Date Series
The Five Solas Ephesians 2:8-9 Rev. David Tang 唐大智牧師 2017-10-30 Reformation at 500!
Fishing for Men Matthew 4:19-20 Rev. Bill Olsen 2017-10-23 Mission Month
Go the Extra Mile Matthew 5:41 Rev. John Tse 謝偉光牧師 2017-10-16 Mission Month
The Task Remaining Matthew 5:41 Dr. Todd Ahrend 2017-10-10 Mission Month
The First Commission Matthew 10:5-15 Rev. David Tang 唐大智牧師 2017-10-02 Mission Month
Adulterous Thoughts Matthew 5:27-30 Rev. David Tang 唐大智牧師 2017-09-25 Sermon on the Mount
Murderous Anger Matthew 5:21-26 Rev. David Tang 唐大智牧師 2017-09-18 Sermon on the Mount
The Faith that Cheers Matthew 9:1-8 Rev. Samuel Ling 凌頌恩牧師 2017-09-10 General Topics
Law and Righteousness Matthew 5:17-20 Rev. David Tang 唐大智牧師 2017-09-03 Sermon on the Mount
Salt and Light Matthew 5:13-16 Rev. David Tang 唐大智牧師 2017-08-27 Sermon on the Mount
The Persecuted Matthew 5:1-12 Rev. David Tang 唐大智牧師 2017-08-20 The Beatitudes
The Peacemakers Matthew 5:1-12 Rev. Samuel Ling 凌頌恩牧師 2017-08-13 The Beatitudes
The Pure in Heart Matthew 5:1-12 Rev. David Tang 唐大智牧師 2017-08-06 The Beatitudes
The Merciful Matthew 5:1-12 Rev. David Tang 唐大智牧師 2017-07-30 The Beatitudes
Christ & US-VBS Joint Service Colossians 1:15-18 Rev. Samuel Ling 凌頌恩牧師 2017-07-23 General Topics
Those Who Hunger & Thirst for Righteousness Matthew 5:1-12 Rev. David Tang 唐大智牧師 2017-07-16 The Beatitudes
Redeemed to Praise 1 Peter 2:9 Rev. Jason Kim 2017-07-09 General Topics
The Meek Matthew 5:1-12 Rev. David Tang 唐大智牧師 2017-07-02 The Beatitudes
Those who Mourn Matthew 5:1-12 Rev. David Tang 唐大智牧師 2017-06-25 The Beatitudes
Fatherhood: A Godly Calling Psalm 103:8-13; Mathew 7:11; Hebrews 12:10 Rev. Samuel Ling 凌頌恩牧師 2017-06-18 General Topics