English Sermons

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Title Scripture Speaker Date Series
Church in Philadelphia Revelation 3:7-13 Rev. David Tang 唐大智牧師 2018-11-11 The Church That Jesus Loves
Living and Active Another 50 Years Hebrews 4:12 Rev. Drew Shih 2018-11-04 General Topics
Church in Sardis Revelation 3:1-6 Rev. David Tang 唐大智牧師 2018-10-28 The Church That Jesus Loves
Church in Thyatira Revelation 2:18-29 Rev. Kelvin Shen 沈圻鋒牧師 2018-10-21 The Church That Jesus Loves
Church in Pergamum Revelation 2:12-17 Rev. David Tang 唐大智牧師 2018-10-14 The Church That Jesus Loves
Church in Smyrna Revelation 2:8-11 Rev. David Tang 唐大智牧師 2018-10-07 The Church That Jesus Loves
Church in Ephesus Revelation 2:1-7 Rev. David Tang 唐大智牧師 2018-09-30 The Church That Jesus Loves
The Revelation of Jesus Revelation 1:1-8 Rev. David Tang 唐大智牧師 2018-09-23 The Church That Jesus Loves
Element of Renewal Psalm 133 Rev. Samuel Ling 凌頌恩牧師 2018-09-16 50th Anniversary Joint Service
Stumble-Free Zone Romans 14:13 - 15:7 Rev. David Tang 唐大智牧師 2018-09-09 Spiritual Renewal
Major Doctrines in Minor Matters Romans 14:1-12 Rev. David Tang 唐大智牧師 2018-09-02 Spiritual Renewal
The Debt to Love Romans 13:8-10 Rev. David Tang 唐大智牧師 2018-08-26 Spiritual Renewal
What do you treasure? Matthew 6:19-34 Min. Ron Chan 2018-08-19 General Topics
Ezekiel's Wheel and God's Glory Ezekiel 1:4, 15-20 Rev. Paul Lee Tan 陳宏博牧師 2018-08-12 General Topics
Renewing Our Trust Romans 12:19-21 Rev. David Tang 唐大智牧師 2018-08-05 Spiritual Renewal
Renewing Our Attitudes Romans 12:14-18 Rev. David Tang 唐大智牧師 2018-07-29 Spiritual Renewal
Rescued Colossians 1:13-14 Min. Clement Setiawan 周望毅傳道 2018-07-22 2018 VBS 暑期聖經班
Spiritual Renewal Romans 12:9-13 Rev. David Tang 唐大智牧師 2018-07-15 Spiritual Renewal
Do You Have Great Faith? Matthew 15:21-28 Rev. Anthony Hao 2018-07-08 General Topics
Renewing Our Serve Romans 12:3-8 Rev. David Tang 唐大智牧師 2018-07-01 Spiritual Renewal