How do I talk to my kids about S-E-X?!

Hi Parents,

We have been talking about dating, marriage, and sex in our parents group this semester. We even got a chance to get really practical with some case studies and how we would handle them as parents. We are sorry if you haven’t had a chance to come out and attend our parents groups this year. We hope to resume next year. In the mean time, we¬†found some good books that could be helpful for you as you disciple your child in these matters:

  1. Good Pictures Bad Pictures: porn-proofing today’s young kids
  2. The Talk: 7 lessons to introduce your child to biblical sexuality
  3. Changes: 7 biblical lessons to make sense of puberty
  4. Relationships: 11 lessons to give kids a greater understanding of biblical sexuality

These are books that are guided so it gives parents exactly what to say, the scripture behind it, the questions to ask and the prayer to pray at the end. It even gives you a follow up plan at the end of the lesson. If you read this book cover to cover including introduction, it would be helpful in your discussion and follow-up with your child.

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