Summer 2018

It has been a packed summer!

We started with Graduation Banquet where we saw 14 seniors graduate from High School. It was a bittersweet moment for us. This class will forever hold a special place in my (Angel’s) heart. God used this banquet to encourage and spur onto faith those in our community. We love these young men and women so much. We pray that they will experience Jesus in every opportunity.

Class of 2018

Then we were whisked off to DCCYC. It was HOT, but God is always gentle. The kids learned spiritual lessons through real life situations. I (Angel) relearned lessons as God continued to call me to surrender as well. Below is just a small group of our students with our leaders. We are so proud of these young men and women who came out to serve.

Off for a week where we cleaned out our entire youth floor as we prepared for renovations. Then it was off to OurCalling for a week of serving.

DCBC @ OurCalling

DCBC @ OurCalling

We are so proud of these kids. They did so much manual labor and they never once complained. Instead, they laughed so much and had so much fun while serving. We got to do the hard work of manual labor while the long-term missionaries (the staff) did the work of ministry. It was definitely a humbling experience for all of us. We learned so much. God definitely used this opportunity correct our broken knowledge of God and challenged our preconceived notions of homelessness. Talk to these kids if you want to find out how specifically we were corrected/challenged. PTL for OurCalling. PTL for these kids.

Next up: youth ministry evaluations, leaders training, student leaders training, and all the planning for September 14th kick off!

How do I talk to my kids about S-E-X?!

Hi Parents,

We have been talking about dating, marriage, and sex in our parents group this semester. We even got a chance to get really practical with some case studies and how we would handle them as parents. We are sorry if you haven’t had a chance to come out and attend our parents groups this year. We hope to resume next year. In the mean time, we found some good books that could be helpful for you as you disciple your child in these matters:

  1. Good Pictures Bad Pictures: porn-proofing today’s young kids
  2. The Talk: 7 lessons to introduce your child to biblical sexuality
  3. Changes: 7 biblical lessons to make sense of puberty
  4. Relationships: 11 lessons to give kids a greater understanding of biblical sexuality

These are books that are guided so it gives parents exactly what to say, the scripture behind it, the questions to ask and the prayer to pray at the end. It even gives you a follow up plan at the end of the lesson. If you read this book cover to cover including introduction, it would be helpful in your discussion and follow-up with your child.

Micah 6:8 Project – Focus on Homelessness

Hello YM blog readers,

This whole school year, we have been studying the book of James. One BIG take away from our study of James this year has been: a heart transformed by the Gospel leads to a transformed life. So, as a youth group, we kicked off the Micah 6:8 Project with this year’s focus on homelessness. We educated our youth group. Thanks to Patricia Chen who came to speak to us and to share her wealth of knowledge and love of God’s people to God’s people. We educated our church thanks to Pastor Wayne Walker of OurCalling. This was followed by a 3-week fundraising where all the proceeds go to OurCalling.

We are so thankful. The Lord is so good in all that He does and in all that He calls us to do! We are also so proud of these teenagers! While this was not an easy project to plan for the church, we are so thankful for what God did:

  1. $2,254.77 were raised!
  2. ~200 blessings bags were given to the congregation
  3. We’ve had countless conversations about homelessness and those who are without a home.
  4. Some of our seniors and SGLs have gone to serve at OurCalling!
  5. Our 7th grade girls are organizing themselves to serve at a homeless shelter next school year.
  6. A few women from our church are trying to get trained by OurCalling to serve at OurCalling.
  7. A woman is trying to gather clean plastic bags (and without holes) to crochet into a BIG duffle bag for OurCalling to give away to their itinerant clients so that they can carry all their stuff in one bag.
  8. A family in our congregation saw a man on the street and saw the car in front of them pass out a blessings bag from our church to him. They were able to have a good conversation with their children about homelessness and our role as believers.
  9. The youth were mobilized. They saw the impact they could have on the church. They learned a huge lesson on what it looks like to serve – people may not always be kind, but we are always called to be faithful. They saw what it looked like to simply be faithful to what God has called us to do. They saw God take our faithfulness and multiply it into something HUGE. They also experienced that they are capable of making HUGE impact!

Patricia Chen educating the youth on homelessness (2/9/2018)

Students packing blessings bags (2/9/2018)

Students packing blessings bags (2/9/2018)

Students packing blessings bags (2/9/2018)

Students packing blessings bags (2/9/2018)

Students volunteering to help us finish packing the blessings bags on a Saturday with the small group leader (SGL) (2/17/2018)

200 blessings bags packed

Pastor Wayne Walker speaking to our church on Sunday (2/18/2018)

Students preparing on Sunday to serve HK style milk tea and to speak to the congregation about the blessings bags.

Students preparing on Sunday to serve HK style milk tea and to speak to the congregation about the blessings bags.

Senior girls heading to OurCalling for their Search and Rescue on an early Saturday morning.

Seniors and SGLs serving at OurCalling on an early Saturday morning

Seniors and SGLs serving at OurCalling on an early Saturday morning.

This is what we have been doing for the past few months! Thank you for praying for us.

Winter Retreat 2016

Hello Parents,

Winter Retreat is upon us! The theme is “Life of the Beloved.” The speaker, the leaders, the student leaders, Clement and I have been preparing and preparing. Now, all that is left to do is for Winter Retreat to run. We look forward to what God will do. God has been great in saving teenagers, calling teenagers to walk away from sin, healing past hurts, transforming and teaching our teens and adults to fall deeper in love with Jesus, etc. etc. This year, we expect no less from our awesome God. As we prepare to go, would you please remember us in your prayers for the next few days.

  1. For our leaders to be humble before God, depending on Him for wisdom, guidance, and words to speak as they lead small groups and do 1-on-1s.
  2. For the students who are not believers to believe in the Gospel – we are sinners in need of a Savior and God has given Himself for our salvation.
  3. For the students who are believers to come to a deeper understanding of their identity as beloved children of God – to live out of their identity, trusting in the Gospel even when they mess up.
  4. For the Holy Spirit to be at work in all of our hearts to heal, to transform, to save, to convict, to call us to His mission and to live for the cause of Christ and not the cause of ourselves and our own comforts.
  5. For safety as we travel and as we spend the next few days in very COLD weather!

We look forward to what God has in store for us. We have prepared as best as we can in terms of medical supplies, snacks, speakers, leaders, schedules, etc., but none of this matters unless God is at work. Please pray for us because we know that God hears the prayers of the righteous and we have been made righteous by Jesus Christ by grace through faith.


6 month review

From January to April, we had an epic fundraising event for Samaritan’s Purse’s Syrian Refugee fund. Our leaders took it over and rallied the students. The students saw the injustice in the world and stepped up. They beaded bracelets, baked delicious sweets, and they cooked Bubble Tea and washed cars! These leaders and these kids got messy and put in elbow grease. As youth pastors, we are so proud of our teenagers – to meet injustice and to dive into the uncomfortable. May was a busy month as we wrapped up our year and prepared for our graduation banquet.

Version 2

In June, the busy summer kicked off with our annual graduation banquet! We were sad to say goodbye to the graduating class of 2016, but we are excited to see where they will end up and what God will be doing in them and through them. In June, we also started our missions training and then went to DCCYC (Dallas Chinese Christian Youth Camp). Texas is crazy hot in the summer! It was 5 days, 4 nights of intense heat, fun, laughter, and relationships. We are thankful that we got to watch our youth get to know one another, step out of their shell in developing friendships, and we are thankful to have been used in the lives of other believers in the universal church.

Cabin Pic