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About Our Ministry.

Our Vision:

To foster an authentic community for teenagers where the Gospel is communicated, lived out and experienced.


Our Core Values:

Depth – We value an intimate and deep relationship with God which aims for heart change and not simply behavioral modification (Philippians 1:9-113:7-11).

Discipleship – We value Jesus’ great commission to make disciples. We believe faith is passed on through relationships where more mature believers teach, care for and walk alongside the less mature (Matthew 28:18-20).

Community – We value the body of Christ and aim to give ourselves sacrificially and authentically to each other as Jesus gave Himself for us (John 13:34-351 John 4:7-21).

Faith – We value a lifestyle of faith. We want to seek God’s direction in all we do, rely on His Holy Spirit (not ourselves), and step out in obedience when God calls us to.

Mission – We value missions as a lifestyle, acknowledging where God has placed us as our primary mission field – we also aim to be aware and support God’s worldwide mission through prayer, giving and going (Acts 17:26-27; Matthew 28:18-20).

Worship – We value a lifestyle and expression of worship not just in song, but to honor God in all that we do (Romans 12:11 Corinthians 10:31).