Library Ministry

To inspire, build up and equip believers at DCBC by serving as a resource center for Christian books and media materials.


Sundays, 9:30 AM to 1:30 PM


The library is located at F-110 nears the Fellowship Hall.


Facility & Website:

Usage & Borrowing:

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Space & Bookstacks

Staff Picks

  • - English:  Bookcases D3-D4
  • - Chinese:  Bookcases D5-D6
  • - Children's: Bookcases D1-D2
  • - Family:  Bookcases D7

English Language

  • - Bookcases E1-E7

Chinese Language

  • - Bookcases C1-C6


  • - Bookcases K1-K4

By Our Pastors

  • - Bookcases D0, D8-D9

References and Others

  • - References:  Bookcases R1-R2
  • - Videos:  Bookcase R3

Published Libraries

Current DCBC Library collections, and the books' summaries, can be found at:


Library Website:

Library Subjects

Usage & Borrowing

  • The library is open to all DCBC attendees to browse and read books during the library's opening hours. However, if you would like to take library materials outside of the library room, you need to first checkout the materials using your own DCBC library card.

Library Card

  • A library card is required to checkout materials in the DCBC library. Active attendees of DCBC can apply for library cards by filling this application form, or apply in person at the DCBC Library. If children are under 18 years of age, a parent or legal guardian must apply on their behave, and agree to take responsibility for all materials borrowed on the card. Due date for all borrowed materials is 21 days after checkout.

Checkout Library Materials

1. Apply for a library card, if haven't already done so, at the library.

2. Take the selected materials to the checkout table, which is between the librarian's desk and the Kiosk.

3. Use the tablet computer on the checkout table to self-checkout the materials by:

I. Tapping the camera icon on the Android app to start scanning the QR code on each of the items. (The QR code is usually at the back of the book.)
II. Repeat the above until all items to borrow are scanned, then tap the Checkout button (in cyan color at the lower right of the screen).
III. At the next window, please tap the camera icon on the android app and scan the QR code on your library card, OR enter your 13-digit library code, which is 1 + <Your 10-digits phone number> + <Your 2-digits security code>.

4. After completing the checkout process, please remember to take the library materials with you.  

5. Unless specially requested, the lending period is 3 weeks. You will receive an email reminder a day prior to the due date.

Returning Library Materials

1. Please locate the book drop box. It's a black box underneath the checkout table.

2. Deposit the material into the drop box though the box' hopper door.

Overdue Library Materials

  • Borrowing privileges are suspended if there are outstanding or repeatedly overdue materials.

Loss or Excessive Damage of Library Materials

  • For loss or excessive damage to the library materials, the borrower/reader is responsible for acquiring identical replacements for the library. If the original materials can't be acquired, the borrower shall compensate the library for the damage/loss. Borrowing and library usage privileges are suspended until such loss or damage is settled.