One generation will commend your works to another;

they will tell of your mighty acts. 

they will speak of the glorious splendor of your majesty,

and i will meditate on your wonderful works.


all you have made will praise you, o Lord,

your saints will extol you.

they will tell of the glory of your Kingdom

and speak of your might,

so that all men may know of your mighty acts

and the glorious splendor of your Kingdom.


Psalm 145:4-5, 10-12



At Scofield Memorial Church (1968-1970)


      •  September 15, 1968: DCBC First Sunday Service (in Cantonese with Mandarin 

      •  Rev. Danny Ma (then a Dallas Theological Seminay student)

      •  Rev. Stephen Chiu



At the Chapel of Gaston Avenue Church (1970-1976)


      •  November 15, 1970: Moved into the chapel of Gaston Avenue Baptist Church

      •  1971: Ordained Rev. Danny Ma and installed five deacons

      •  1973: Sisters' Fellowship (currently Women's Circle)

      •  1974: Rev. Ma became the first missionay of DCBC (to the Philippines); 
          Rev. Chung Wai Lam as Senior Pastor (later in 1974); Adult Sunday School; 
          Bible study Fellowship; Prayer meeting; Chia Shu (DCBC internal publication)



At Capps Drive Location (1976-1986)


Capps Drive Location

      •  March 1976: Purchased the church building at Capps Drive

      •  May 1976: Moved into own church building at Capps Drive

      •  1977: First Congregational Meeting; Mandarin Fellowship; Children Worship

      •  1979: Cantonese Fellowship

      •  1980: Senior Fellowship (Mandarin and Cantonese combined)

      •  1982: Rev. Lam left for ministry in California; Rev. Stephen Chiu, Rev. Franklin Lee as

          Interim pastors respectively; Missions Fund in addition to General Fund; 
          Youth Fellowship

      •  1983: New By-Laws; Dr. Paul Lee Tan as Senior Pastor; Adopted official name of 
          "Dallas Chinese Bible Church"

      •  1985: Purchased the 4.4-acre property at Campbell Trail in Richardson; First phase 
          of building project kicked off by the end of 1985

      •  1986: Increase number of deacons to 11; English Worship Service


At Campbell Trail location (1986-present)


Campbell Trail Location

      •  October 1986: Moved into new facilities at Campbell Trail location

      •  1987: Installed Rev. Johann Lai as Senior Pastor; Dr. Paul Lee Tan became Pastor 
          Emeritus; English Fellowship

      •  1992: Weekly Wednesday night prayer meeting; Blessed Light Fellowship 
         (Cantonese seniors)

      •  1993: Ground Breaking for the Second phase of building project; Hand Bell Choir

      •  1994: Ordained two Elders

      •  1995: Second phase of building project completed (Sanctuary seating 500)

      •  1996: Official Deacon Board Meeting munites in English (instead of Chinese as in 
          the past); Opened facilities to Bible Study Fellowship as the first community service 

      •  1997: Rev. Lai left for Teaching Ministry in California; Rev. Franklin Lee as Consulting 
          Pastor followed by Rev. Barclay Chong as Interim Senior Pastor; Evangelism 
          Explosion program

      •  1998: 30th Anniversary; Rev. William Hosanna as Acting Senior Pastor 

      •  1999: Installed Rev. Hosanna as Senior Pastor; Cantonese Worship Service

      •  2000: Dr. Tan resigned from Pastor Emeritus; Community Service Committee; 
         English as Second Language Class; Weekly Testimony Column on Chinese 

      •  2001: 3 Language Worship Services (Cantonese, English, Mandarin) at respective 
         time slots

      •  2002: Purchased land in Frisco for church planting; Newly planted church started
         services in April at an Elementary school in west Plano; Chinese Schools (Mandarin
         and Cantonese); Parking Lot Expansion kicked off

      •  2003: Parking Lot Expansion project completed; 35th Anniversary

      •  2004: Ground Breaking of Frisco Church

      •  2005: Building Committe for the Fourth phase of the building project, Family Center;

         Frisco Church independent from DCBC

      •  2006: Rev. Hosanna left for ministries in Indonesia; Building dedication of the Frisco 

      •  2007: Rev. Timothy Lin as Interim Senior Pastor

      •  2008: 40th Anniversary; Fourth phase of the building project, Family Center, kicked off