Community Group is a significant way for believers in Christ to connect with one another and grow as disciples of Jesus in DCBC's English Ministry. The community groups exist as part of the discipleship process in the English ministry, as we desire to see people grow UP, IN, and OUT. Community groups provide accountability, belonging, and care for one another in Christ Jesus ("ABC"). These six terms express the keys to a community group in DCBC's English Ministry.

  • UP - Obedient Discipleship to Christ

  • IN - Mutual Love in Christ
  • OUT - Engage the World for Christ 

  • Accountability - Keeping one another accountable in Christ
  • Belonging - Providing a sense of belonging to the body of Christ
  • Care - Providing spiritual, physical, and emotional care for one another in Christ


Currently, we have several English-speaking community groups. If you would like to join one or start a group, please e-mail


Please note that some of the groups may not be open for new group members, and they are indicated by the word "CLOSED." Groups marked "OPEN" are able to take new people.


Ladies Loving the lord (L³) (women’s group) - OPEN

DCBC and Google Hangouts
Leader: Lillian Sung


ACT (co-ed) - OPEN

Thursdays and Saturdays (Dallas) with a focus on homeless ministry

See Group Covenant HERE

Leaders: Kenny and Patricia Chen


Homebuilders - Agape (families) - CLOSED

Every other Saturday 5:30 pm in Plano / Richardson

Leader: Rev. David and Jennifer Tang


Homebuilders - Bethlehem (families) - OPEN

Every other Saturday Evenings Plano / Richardson

Leader: Ephraim and Christine Keng


Homebuilders - Friday Night Lights (families) - CLOSED

1st & 3rd (5th) Fridays 7:45 pm DCBC/ZOOM

Leaders: Kenny and Nora Hsu


Lighthouse (mostly empty nesters) - OPEN

2nd & 4th Saturdays 4 PM - Zoom

Leader: Humphrey and Grace Ha


Updated: 7/03/2022