Nursing Home – Thanksgiving Edition

I must say I thoroughly enjoyed my morning with our youth kiddos serving the elderly at the nursing home. In my time of prep, it’s clear that God answered my prayers regarding the nursing home. He always brings the right people and these ladies have such a wonderful heart for serving and people.

Everyone was good with communication and they basically just took charge from the time we were at church to the time we came back after lunch. My highlight has to be seeing the youth kids just take initiative to help the elderly out. Hanna was a rock star bingo letter/number caller and each of the youth kids were gracious to sit next to the elderly conversing with and helping them out with bingo. Shout-out to P, M, V, B, A, and K for your heart for serving. Such a warm feeling seeing God at work in your lives!
Shout-out to Mrs. Tang who tagged along so I have an adult to talk to and make things less awkward with the ladies 🙂

Lunch time was awesome as well. The kiddos helped to pass food out to all the elderly and prepare their food. They continued conversations and made sure all the needs of the elderly were met. It’s clear as we left, that the elderly and staff appreciate us and I’m so glad that we, as a youth group, take time to go each month.

It took a while to determine where we would actually go for lunch, but Panera Bread is always a good choice for a variety of food.

Finally, it’s great seeing to roll down the windows and sing along to the Frozen soundtrack as we traveled to and fro from place to place.

I definitely want to do this again and join these YG kiddos in serving in the future.

The pictures and my descriptions don’t tell the whole story, but I know God was pleased and He watched from above.

I’m thankful for the opportunity to lead and serve. We really DO have some awesome kiddos.

Eric Chui (9th grade boys Adult Small group Leader)

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