Sex Robots: why it matters

Oct. 5, 2018 Update: 

Parents, the Sex Robot Brothel in Houston may have been revoked… but here is an article that hits a lot closer to home. There is a shop here in Dallas that rents (and sells) life like female dolls for the purpose of sex. So please be in conversation with your students about purity, marriage, and sex the way God talks about it in Scripture. (See Article below titled “The FAQs: Christians and the Moral Threat of Sex Robots”)
Click here for the news article on Sex Robots

Oct. 4, 2018 Original Post:


I am sure you have heard on the news about a Canadian company wanting to start a Sex Robot Brothel in Houston, TX. I am also sure that you heard this morning, it got shut down unanimously.

This is an important topic to talk to your children about as it touches upon sexual purity, the purpose of sex, and the marriage relationship. We, in youth ministry, will inevitably talk about it as it is a current issue in society. BUT, we cannot replace you in talking about this important issue so we urge you, parents, to ask your kids what they think, to have this tough conversation, and to continue to have this tough conversation with them. Chances are they are hearing about this in school. They hear a lot more in school than you may think. To give you a hint: some of them have heard about the entirety of the Kavanaugh case from classmates and are developing their own opinions from their friends’ perspectives of these issues. NOTE: they are not developing their opinions by reading or listening to the trial. It is simply by their friends talking about it. 

Parents, our kids need parents who are hands on in their faith – not just where they go to school/college, grades, etc. Our kids need us to stay informed about current issues. They need us to think through these issues biblically. They need us to guide them through these issues using God’s Word – the only absolute truth there is – in a world of relative truth.

Here is an article I have found helpful in understanding the issues:

The FAQS: Christians and the Moral Threat of Sex Robots

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