Valentine’s Day Family Weekend (NO YG/SS)

This coming weekend is Valentine’s Day Family Weekend! We have prepared some activities & questions to help you talk to your teen(s) about dating & sex! We know this can be daunting so if you have questions or if you are unsure how to respond biblically, please give Clement a call!

We have made some resources available for you outside of Clement’s office at Dallas Chinese Bible Church, if you need for this weekend! The list of resources: 

  1. How To Use Your Head To Guard Your Heart: a 3(D) Guide
  2. Raising Sexually Healthy Kids
  3. How To Talk To Your Kid About Sex
  4. Explaining LGBTQ+ Identity To Your Child
  5. Helping Students With Same-Sex Attraction
  6. Homosexuality and the Bible

With Lunar New Year & Valentine’s day Family Weekend, we do not have youth group and Sunday school this weekend. NO youth group & NO Sunday school. Both will resume next weekend (2/19-2/21). We want to give you the maximum amount of time to do this with your teenager(s)!

The file is in your email (as an attachment) OR you can find it at this link:

We are praying for you!!

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