This past Thursday, 5/8/2021, the DCCYC Board met and agreed to put more safeguards for camp in place. We will have ongoing discussions in the coming weeks to discuss Covid-19 safety procedures. 

With the Board’s willingness to implement safety measures, DCBC will participate in DCCYC this year. Before registering, we ask that you evaluate the safety risk/danger to your family or those in your household, particularly to those who are unvaccinated and/or part of the vulnerable population.

Registration information:

You can register your teen and pay online at www.dccyc.org. If your family has a financial need, please email clement@dcbcsite.org for a scholarship form before registering your teens.

  1. Early bird registration ends on May 16. To lock in the early bird price, pay before May 17. After the 17th, you will have to pay the regular registration rate. 
  2. Release forms do not need to be turned in at the time of payment. 
  3. Please print and physically turn in release forms to Clement’s mailbox in the church office.
    Note: due to Covid-19, there may be more release forms to come. To help expedite the process, wait to turn in all release forms at the same time.

The DCCYC board and leaders will do our best to enforce safety measures. At the same time, we humbly acknowledge the difficulty in the task. Please pray for wisdom and unity among the leaders, for the safety of everyone going and for God to be gracious to work mightily at DCCYC this year. 

If you have questions and would like more details about DCCYC this year, please do not hesitate to connect with me through email: clement@dcbcsite.org or cell: 214-663-9489.

Please see below for a summary of the board discussions regarding Covid-19:

Agreement so far: 

  1. Hand-sanitizing
  2. All participants wear masks while indoors
  3. Daily temperature checks
  4. Social distancing.
  5. Cabins 50% capacity, 1 camper per bunk structure, sleeping head to toe
  6. Parents to sign covid release, acknowledging risks of sending child to camp

Ongoing Discussions:

  1. Placing campers into cohorts with their cabin members during bedtime and meal times. Cabin members will be assigned a dining table. Cabins and Dining tables reserved only for members in the cohort.
  2. In the event of Covid-19 symptoms, campers with symptoms will be isolated from the rest of the camp. The entire cohort will be quarantined in the cabin until rapid antigen tests can be administered and parents informed.
  3. Parents will be required to pick up campers from camp if Covid-19 symptoms are obvious (loss of taste) or fever lasting more than a day.
  4. What to do with cohorts in the case of Covid-19 symptoms
  5. Requiring proof of vaccine or negative Covid-19 tests prior to camp

To be Discussed:

  1. Transportation and bus arrangements
  2. Encouraging self quarantine before camp
  3. Specific activities at camp

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