Friday Praise & Prayer

This Friday @ 7:30pm, we will have our first evening of Praise & Prayer. 

2 things for Friday nights, please:

  1. Give your child a full meal before youth group as we will not be resuming snacks until further notice. 
  2. Make sure your child is wearing their mask properly (and at all times in the church building) as we do not know who has Covid and when they are contagious.

We do have hybrid Youth Group (zoom & in-person): please check your email for the zoom link & password.

Partner in Prayer!

  1. For God to renew and refocus our hearts and minds on Him as we worship together through prayer & praise
  2. For the Holy Spirit to show us how beautiful Jesus is and that we would all believe and be transformed by Him
  3. For the Holy Spirit to come and bring a revival in our youth ministry (and our church)

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