Parent/Teen & Spiritual Renewal

Tomorrow (FRIDAY, 11/12), we will not have youth group at DCBC. Our mission statement is: “DCBCyouth exists to partner with parents to help teenagers follow Jesus and grow up in His family.” This Friday’s parent-teen activity is designed to give parents the opportunity to engage in spiritual conversations with your teenager(s) while doing something together. This google document will have all the details:

NEXT Friday/Saturday (11/19-20) Spiritual Renewal Weekend: the focus is for us to have set aside time for repentance and to humbly seek God for Him to give us a renewed desire to know and love Jesus by the help of the Holy Spirit. This will take the place of our annual winter retreat (we will not have winter retreat this year). Friday is for our teens. Saturday is for families. Kids can come without parents, but our desire is that parents will engage with their teen. 
Please watch this video for further clarification:      
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We are praying for the Holy Spirit:

  1. to soften your heart towards your teenager(s)
  2. to give you open ears to hear what they are saying, even if they may not be using the right words to communicate their thought(s).
  3. to give you a soft tongue as you engage them
  4. to knit your hearts as parents and teens close together as you all focus your hearts and minds on Jesus.

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