FRIDAY, 12/3

This Friday @ 7:30pm, we will continue our “Youth Core Values” series.

If you/your family did not get a chance to attend our youth renewal weekend, but you would have liked to, here is the link! Even if your teen would not like to participate, we believe it is valuable for you, the parents, to watch and pray through this topic.

Friday night:
Saturday morning:

We do have hybrid Youth Group (zoom & in-person) for those who are not yet comfortable returning in-person. Please check your email for the link.

Pray with us!

  1. For God to knock down our pride and allow our hearts to be soft so that we can hear from Him.
  2. For God to renew and refocus our hearts and minds on Him as we gather together
  3. For the Holy Spirit to come and bring a spiritual renewal in our youth ministry (and our church and to our world).

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