Youth group & Youth Sunday School are back this weekend! Friday (3/18), we will start @ 7:30pm in the youth room. Please note that next Friday (3/25) is small group outing.

We do have hybrid Youth Group (zoom & in-person) for those who are not yet comfortable returning in-person. Please check your email for link & password.

Save the date: 5/29: Grad Celebration! (We are still hammering out the details, but please save the date to come celebrate our grads and to send them off in love and prayer!)

Pray with us!

  1. For God to renew and refocus our hearts and minds on Him as we gather together
  2. For the Holy Spirit to come and bring a spiritual renewal in our youth ministry (and our church and to our world).
  3. For the Holy Spirit to help us develop a deeper connection/community among us. It has been difficult to reestablish relationships between our small groups and our teenagers in large groups.

Want prayer?

I see a great spiritual need in our youth group. As such, I am trying to dedicate every Thursday morning to prayer for our youth group, youth leaders, and our parents. You can put in as many as you would like. Please use this form to let me know how specifically: https://forms.gle/y8qwDo8z63ghi2k78 If you have any updates, I would love to hear it!

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