Youth Ministry Highlights & Good Friday

Hi SGLs and Parents,

During this shelter-in-place, I want to highlight two BIG ministry praises. We are so humbled by what God is doing in our youth ministry during this time.

1– Our Student Leadership Team!! (2 things about them)
First, they have really embodied our serving teams as they understand that we serve because Christ first served us. They came up with a wonderful video to encourage our teens to continue to serve at home during this time.

Second, out of their love for our youth group, they came together (without any adults) to discuss how they could continue to care and love those in our youth group. They created a prayer request form where our teens can put in their prayer requests!

2– Our Junior Class!!
During this time when the our friends at Lindan Park Nursing Home are completely shut off from the world, our junior class came together (again, without any adult leaders) to discuss how we could bring some love to them during this time!

It is such a wonderful thing to see our teenagers initiate these caring projects and see them catch onto the values of faith and missions even during this time as they think through how we can continue to be a light and to be missionaries in our city during this shelter-in-place. We are so proud of them!

This Friday is Good Friday. We will not have youth group as the youth will join our adult Good Friday service live on our youtube channel. Please prepare grape juice and cracker or bread for communion at home via live stream.

Last, but not least, here are a few more resources for you to do as a family for family worship this week. It has videos and discussion points. We would love to hear from you regarding how you and your family have been using them! Send us pictures of your family worship time or questions as they come up!

1- Stations of the Cross:
2- Video series (requires download)
3- An article on how to talk to your children about the disappointment of everything being canceled: here

Parents, we are praying for you and your time with your teenagers during this time. – A.

Holy Week Family Resources

Parents, I wanted to post some great resources from Empowered Homes that will give you some ideas on how to lead your family during your time in your homes.

For station work: see this Journey to the Cross page. It has 8 stations. It walks students through from Creation to Jesus’ death and resurrection.

For Holy Week Bible reading: see this Holy Week Reading Plan. It starts on Sunday (tomorrow). It walks through Jesus’ final week on earth. You can read this to your family before breakfast or after breakfast every day this week and pray together or you can decide to read this individually within your family (so everybody reads it each day of the week by themselves).

For a Holy Week family devotional: see this From Psalms to Passover. It is a family devotional. So parents, you would lead this daily with your children/teenagers. It gives you prompting questions and how to pray. Of course, you can come up with your own questions for your children. You can use the prewritten prayer or you can choose to pray your own prayer. It can all be tailored to you.

For more parenting resources not related to Easter: see the Empowered Homes website.

We are praying for you in this time as you live out your God-given calling as parents who intentionally invest in passing along faith to your child(ren)!