DCBC Youth Serves

As followers of Jesus, we value the living out of our faith in all the areas of life! We believe that teenagers, as teenagers, can make an impact in the world; it is not necessary to wait until they’re an adult to make a difference. So, as a youth group, we try to create opportunities for loving our community – inside the and outside the church.

Inside DCBC: Please note that these ministries are under other areas of our church and, as such, may have different requirements.

  1. Pre-school worship*
  2. Praise Team*
  3. A/V Ministry*
  4. Ushering Ministry*
  5. Youth Orchestra*
  6. Handbell Choir*
  7. Prayer ministry through Wednesday night prayer meeting or Sunday morning prayer meeting.

Inside Youth Group:

  1. Winter Retreat
    Students are encouraged to serve in any of the following capacities at our Winter Retreat: prayer team, games team, set-up team, take-down team, etc.
  2. Putting in elbow grease at youth group
    We desire to see our students love one another by serving one another. This is a position that requires no application and no interview. We encourage all teenagers to be aware and to be quick to help with anything that comes up (i.e. getting utensils, cups, bowls, napkins, cleaning up the youth room, picking up what was dropped on the ground, etc.)
  3. Prayer
    Prayer is indispensable to our ministry and we will always encourage and welcome our youth to pray for our leaders, our students, discipleship, and all other ways we serve.
  4. Serving teams
    We rotate each small group through a serving team so that each small group participates in serving our youth group through: prayer, caring, welcome, set-up, clean up, A/V media, and games. In this way, we actively teach our teenagers to be active members of our church – loving through service.
  5. Student Leadership Team
    We desire to see our students come to love God. One of the ways we see this demonstrated is through commitment to loving their peers. We, the adult leaders, present an opportunity for discipleship in which we seek to guide and lead our teenager to commitment and obedience to the Lord in all areas of their lives. This requires an application, an interview, and priority to be placed on Friday night youth group and twice a month discipleship.

Outside DCBC:

  1. Nursing home visits – the 4th Saturday of every month
    For more information, please contact Angel Lee: angel.lee@dcbcsite.org
  2. Summer mission trip – (usually) the first week of July
    We seek to see our community reached for Jesus Christ and we seek to train our teenagers to share Jesus Christ in their community. As such, our summer mission trips are local. This trip requires an application and a potential interview.
  3. Developing relationships in a community near our church – please speak to Angel or Clement.