Parents, as this is on-going and we don’t know when it will end, DCBC youth ministry wants to provide you with resources to help you disciple your child during this time.

Theology of the Coronavirus:

  1. The Coronavirus is a result of the fall:
  2. Theological reflections on the pandemic:
  3. Christianity offers no answers about the Coronavirus. It’s not supposed to.:
  4. Where is Jesus in all of this:
  5. 12 songs to sing during a crisis:

How to talk to your kids about:

  1. How to talk to your kids about Coronavirus:
  2. Social distancing:
  3. That discomfort you’re feeling is grief:
  4. When everything is canceled:
  5. We may be confused, but God isn’t:
  6. When you fear not being in control:
  7. How can we be the body when physically separated:

How we can use this time for family discipleship:

  1. Don’t waste your family quarantine:
  2. Never a better time for family prayer:
  3. 6 Ways to lead your family in isolation:
  4. Family worship starts now:
  5. 5 ways to disciple your teen while in quarantine:

How we can serve with our children during this time:

  1. How the Church has handled pandemics in the past:
  2. 9 ways to love your neighbor in this pandemic:
  3. How Christians can respond:
  4. What can Christians do during the coronavirus?

Marriage related articles during Quarantine:

  1. Help for quarantined marriages: