Our Staff

We have two staff for our youth ministry, Clement Setiawan and Angel Lee. Read their brief bios and contact information below.


Min. Clement Setiawan (Youth Pastor and Young Adults facilitator):

E-mail: dcbcyouthministry@gmail.com
Phone: 972-437-3466 ext. 121

Hello, my name is Clement Setiawan. I was born in Indonesia and moved to Texas when I was in college at Dallas Baptist University (DBU). I felt led into youth ministry during my teenage years. Post-college, I studied at Southwestern Theological Seminary. I have been at Dallas Chinese Bible Church since I first moved to Texas over a decade ago and have served in the youth ministry here for over 10 years – as a lay leader, as a seminary student, and now as a pastor. Besides pastoring, I love being with my family, playing basketball and fishing!

Min. Angel Lee (Youth Director):

E-mail: angel.lee@dcbcsite.org
Phone: 972-437-3466 ext. 105

Hi! I am Angel Lee. I was born in Hong Kong and my family moved around until we landed in Canada! I went to high school and college in Canada. I moved to Texas in 2012 to attend Dallas Theological Seminary. I have always wanted to work with teenagers; though, I always thought it would be in the context of teaching. However, through a series of twists and turns, I find myself doing what I love: teaching, discipling, working with teenagers and families. God’s grace has been good to me. While most people have two families (biological and through marriage), God has blessed me with 3 (biological, through marriage, and the family I lived with while I did my studies). I love watching sports. My favorite sports are tennis and swimming.