Our Volunteers

We have a team of committed adult leaders who love God and love people, especially teenagers. We believe that faith is not taught, but caught; as a result, we try to have leaders from all walks of life. Our age range is from college senior to parents with teenage children. We would love for grandparents who love the Lord and love teenagers to come alongside us as well. We desire for our teenagers to see that our relationship with Jesus Christ is a lifelong endeavor whether you are a student or working, single or married, parent or not.

All of our volunteers are active members of our church who are committed to their personal growth in Jesus Christ. We encourage those who love the Lord, love teenagers, and who are growing in their understanding of grace to apply to be a small group leader. To maximize safety for our teenagers, we have an application process, an interview process, and we run a criminal background check for each of our volunteers.

If you are interested in serving in the youth ministry, please come and talk to Angel or Clement. We would love to get to know you and let’s explore the decision together!